Otis Minnesota is rooted in two well-known legacy companies of Otis Eastern Service and Minnesota Limited. Joining together as one company allows Otis Minnesota Services to be a leading provider of transmission infrastructure services built on the core values of Safety, Quality, Commitment, and Reputation.


Otis Minnesota Services maintains, repairs, upgrades, and modernizes transmission infrastructure. We construct essential infrastructure that transports and stores large volumes of energy products safely and reliably. We are focused on pipeline integrity through every aspect of the pipeline life cycle – from design and construction to operations, maintenance, and retirement.

  • Integrity and Maintenance

  • Station and Facilities

  • Pipeline Construction

Believe. Act. Impact. Our Sustainability Mission.

At Otis Minnesota Services, we believe in operating safely, ethically, and in the most sustainable manner possible while partnering with our customers and suppliers in their own pursuit of sustainability. We act with a safety mindset and a commitment to quality to be the most reputable partner in our industry. Our impact is showcased in the innovative work we do, our customers’ satisfaction, and the difference we make in the communities we serve.